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myGAP Certification: What Does It Mean?

October 22, 2021

myGAP Certification: What Does It Mean?

The Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice (myGAP) certification was established in 2002 to address environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainable farming to ensure healthy and excellent quality produce.

Essentially, it is an interconnected framework to handle hazards associated with land, input, processes, and performance of agricultural production to ensure efficiency, safety, consistency, and sanitary standards are met.

The myGAP certification is demanded by many countries for meat imports. Malaysian farmers under this program are encouraged to obtain the certification through responsible farming practices to expand into the export market and increase rural communities' incomes. 

Furthermore, this certification takes quality and workers' health, welfare, and workplace safety into consideration alongside a sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming.


What are the certification criteria?

A farm registering for the program has to comply with an extensive list of strict standards, such as land tenure, farm location, and water sanitation.

To receive myGAP certification, agribusinesses must meet the MyGAP standard based on the following 16 elements:

  1. Traceability
  2. Keeping records and performing internal audit
  3. Raw material and rootstock planning
  4. Site History and Management
  5. Soil and Substrate Control
  6. Managing Fertilizers
  7. Irrigation and fertigation activities
  8. Crop protection activities
  9. Harvesting process
  10. Post-harvest management
  11. Management of Pesticide Residue
  12. Waste Management, recycling, and re-use matters
  13. Health and Safety of Workers
  14. Management of Environmental Issues
  15. Keeping Records of Complaints
  16. Legal requirements and Withdrawal Process

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