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Spanish Chorizo Sausages - 60g x 4pcs

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What Is It

  • Spanish chorizo is a cured, or hard, sausage made from coarsely chopped pork.
  • The red color of Spanish chorizo is due to the heavy amounts of paprika in the spice mix; both spicy or sweet. The paprika used in Spanish chorizo is almost always smoked, which gives the sausage a deep, smoky flavor.
  • Other ingredients are herbs, garlic, and white wine, and the links can range from short to very long.
  • Because the sausage has been cured, meaning it has been aged for several weeks, it can be eaten without cooking and is often served sliced as part of a meat tray or tapas assortment. Spanish chorizo is also used to add flavor to cooked dishes like stews or paella.
  • Comes in pack of 4pcs.
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