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AU Grass-Fed Beef Chuck Steak - 500g

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What Is It?

  • While the chuck roast is a larger cut of chuck meat that you can use for pot roast, beef stew meat, or a simple roast beef, the chuck steak is a smaller portion of that cut.
  • It’s carved right from the roast and can include the rib bone or be carved around it to create a boneless steak.
  • Chuck steaks come from the ribs that sit in front of where a butcher would carve ribeye steaks.
  • As with the chuck roast, the more exercised area leads to a leaner cut of steak than the rib eye and other cuts. That just means that you’ll need to be a little more careful with how you cook it to make sure it doesn’t get chewy
  • The plus side is that these steaks can be much lower in cost than sirloin, ribeye, and other popular cut.
  • So if you know how to cook a steak and you love big, beefy flavors, the chuck steak could be right for you.

Best Way To Cook?

  • It’s often pan-seared and finished off for just a couple of minutes in the oven.
  • The key to keeping chuck steak tender is by marinating it for several hours before cooking, or by basting it while it cooks to lock in juices.
  • Some people also tenderize the meat with a meat tenderizer before cooking it.
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