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AU Grass-Fed Beef Short Rib Bone-In - 750~800g

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What Is It?

  • Like all meat close to the bone, short ribs are arguably one of the most flavoursome beef cuts, with the meat in between and covering the rib cage.
  • Also known as spare ribs, short ribs are taken from the forequarter after the brisket is removed.
  • They are made up of the rib bone and layers of rib meat and fat.
  • Rich and tasty, short ribs take on flavour well.

Best Way To Cook?

  • These ribs are perfect for a BBQ or slow cooking with meaty rib bones.
  • A delicious flavour from the meat on the bone, these ribs have just the right amount of marbling to make a succulent rib.
  • Coat in a marinade or some herbs and spices – marinade overnight to maximise the flavour. 

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