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AU Grass-Fed Lamb French Cutlets - 1pc x 80g

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What Is It?

  • Lamb chops or cutlets are the most expensive cuts of lamb, but are incredibly delicious and tender.
  • They are taken from the ribs of the lamb and cooked individually, normally over a grill or a barbecue.
  • Derived from the loin and cut from the rack, the cutlet is made up of the eye of loin muscle, a rib bone and a cap of fat.
  • During cooking, the cap helps the cutlet retain moisture and imports a rich flavour into the meat.
  • Versatile and easy to cook, cutlets are tender and suit high-temperature cooking methods such as pan fry or barbecue.

Best Way To Cook?

  • The most common method is to griddle or barbecue the cutlets, but they can be roasted in the oven too.
  • Always remove the lamb from the fridge an hour before cooking to allow it to come to room temperature.
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